2021 Manifestation Masterclass



Wednesday, January 27 at 7pm EST — Clarity, Goals & Intentions
Wednesday, February 3 at 7pm EST — Reset, Retune & Align


If you’re like many of my clients,
you’re seeking clarity and you desire greater alignment with your path and purpose

Current events have left you feeling confused, disempowered, hopeless or disconnected

You find yourself struggling, longing, frustrated, disappointed or annoyed


You’d like to stop wishing and
start experiencing the authentic and fulfilling life your Soul intended for this lifetime


You want to create something different, rather than just repeating the same old patterns

After all, no one has been immune to the social, ecological, political and economic impact of recent events

There is no arguing that 2020 catalyzed a massive shift on planet Earth

But what if you could capitalize on all this uncertainty and chaos,
while harnessing the wisdom you have gleaned through all the challenges

Is your ideal life already in reach?
Or have you decided 2021 is going to be your transformational year?

If you’ve landed here,
no doubt, you already know about the Law of Attraction
and you’re probably a believer
But you haven’t yet cracked the code and you’d like more consistency


No matter how uncertain things seem,
you can become the Alchemist and take ownership of your life!
Transformation is in reach!

There is no better time to figure out what you truly want and set powerful new intentions

Ready to magnetize your goals and dreams?
I will walk you through a step-by-step process!

Your Manifestation Manifesto will be a living, breathing tool that will serve you for life!

What if you could channel your superpowers and manifest the life you’ve been yearning for?

If you’re ready to Master your Manifestation Potential, this Masterclass is for you!

Do you desire…
Greater Joy, Freedom, Happiness, Love, Wealth, Health, Relationships, Opportunities, a Soul Mate, your Dream Home, a Fulfilling Career?

This 2 part Masterclass is designed to help you…

  • Get clear on your intentions, goals and desires to design your authentic life
  • Align your frequency with that which you wish to attract with greater consistency
  • Demystify the keys of Manifestation and activate your powers
  • Develop a blueprint for success
  • Tap into the energy of Creation
  • Shift your energy at the cellular level so you can retune yourself to attract abundance in multiple areas of your life
  • Magnetize yourself for magic and miracles
  • Create a fresh start, begin a new and exciting chapter in your life
  • Strengthen your ability to “dial-in” the creative energy of the Universe

You can have it all!

Rest assured, no matter what your life looks like presently, you have the power to manifest everything you desire!

In fact, you’re manifesting all the time unconsciously

How different could your life be if you stepped into your birthright as a conscious co-creator?

Things can change even more quickly than you think
when your energy, intentions & purpose snap into alignment!

If you believe 2020 was your wake-up call so you could glean greater wisdom,
or at least a major reset — giving you an opportunity to revisit your beliefs, choices and habits —
 and shift into inspired action to manifest a greater potential in your life

Then its time to take your power back and get on purpose!

You can find yourself and
become more aligned with what you heart has been craving all along

This is your transformational moment!
Are you ready to step into the drivers seat and chart a new path?

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trying to change your life, the magic is in the present moment!

Learn the keys to manifesting and
watch how things shift around you

You can start exactly where you are right now
or continue going down the path you’ve created up until now,
The choice is yours!

Is there is a part of you that knows,
if something in you doesn’t change then you’ll keep receiving
exactly what’s been showing up in your present reality?

Are you ready to shift into a new and higher potential?

Are you ready to tap into the pulse of universal energy and
tune into all the abundance that’s rightfully yours?

Here’s to 2021 exceeding all your expectations!
You deserve an amazing year filled with magic and miracles!

 Two Incredible Sessions


So you can get the most out of this experience, this Masterclass is broken-up over two sessions:


  • Wednesday, January 27 at 7pm EST — Clarity, Goals & Intentions
  • Wednesday, February 3 at 7pm EST — Reset, Retune & Align
In the first session, I will share a step-by-step process to get clarity on your intentions, a PDF will be available for download so you can prepare for the final session and remagnetize yourself for success. 
In the second session, you’ll receive an MP3 meditation to return to, Supercharge your Energy Shift & Align with your Desires
  • You can catch the sessions Live -or- on the Replay
  • You’ll get lifetime access and can return again and again
The exchange for this workshop is purposely affordable so ALL can take advantage of the course and make this a year of massive transformation!
Each session is only $20.21, a total of $40.42 for both sessions

2021 Manifestation Masterclass


$20.21 x 2 classes

  • Access to 2 Live Masterclasses Via Zoom
  • Access to the recordings & slides from both Masterclasses
  • Your Manifestation Manifesto to Magnetize Your Ideal Life!
  • An MP3 to Supercharge your Energy Shift & Align with your Desires
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I have taken many workshops with Clare and absolutely love her classes. She shares very practical methods, resources and tools, besides all the powerful spiritual insights and meditations. All I have implemented has triggered so many breakthroughs and accelerated my spiritual growth far beyond my expectations. I have been working on self love for years and finally love my life and myself! I genuinely feel it now. I am so grateful for her dedication and commitment and I can't wait for her next class! Eternally Grateful


 Clare has been a true and inspiring mentor to me! I first met her by attending a few of her classes and very quickly knew that she was going to be instrumental in guiding me on my spiritual path. I am filled with joy and serenity when I am able to use my gifts that she has helped me to discover, I have greater strength and believe in myself, especially when in service to others. With Clare’s guidance, I have gained insight into past lives, experiences, lessons and choices I have made and I am learning to perceive my life from a much higher perspective. I will forever be grateful for the blessings Clare has enabled me to unlock in my life and in the lives of those around me.


I am forever grateful for all the support , healing and coaching Clare has given me on my journey over the years. I have been able to connect with my true inner self and gain an inner power to heal and release old wounds and energy in order to take control of my life. I am mentally and emotionally stronger every day.  For the first time in my life I can clearly see the future that I want to create for myself and I know and trust I have the power to make it all happen. You are a true blessing to me and I thank you!!!